IoT Based Agriculture / Agricultural Services / Solutions :

We provide IoT (Internet of Things) Based Agriculture / Agricultural Services / Solutions from Pune Maharashtra India.

The most important sector in the economy of any country in the world. Fourth Industrial Revolution is now all set to change the way the farming is done. With the help of cutting edge technologies like, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics now farmers can take informed decisions in time and can increase the productivity.

Robots and Drones equipped with Computer Vision can do wonders for the farmers by increasing the visibility of the farms and even taking on spot decisions and actions to prevent losses. Imagine the farms talking to each other and passing on the vital information to each other and also the support systems. We at ITPL are committed to make this happen with our passion and experience.

Connected Farming :

It is not just about having automation is silos. The entire eco-system is to be connected\smart to gain the maximum benefit

Soil Testing :

Innovative technology to test farm soil for nutrients like, N, P, K, EC, PH, Moisture, Humidity and Temperature. Now reduce your soil testing time to few seconds from few weeks!

Machine Learning :

Get an early indication of the crop disease with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Cameras will monitor your crop to detect the disease!

ITPL - Soil Testing Device
based on IOT

Soil Testing
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