Computer Vision / Machine Vision :

We provide IoT (Internet of Things) Based Manufacturing Industrial Services / Solutions, IoT Based Computer Vision Solutions, IoT Based Machine Vision Solutions, IoT Based Machine Learning Solutions, IoT Based Image Processing Solutions from Pune Maharashtra India.

Vision begins with the eyes, but truly takes place in the brain. We teach the machine brain to interpret the captured images and produce actionable insights from it This process is almost similar to upbringing your child till 3 years from the birth. Child's eyes capture millions of images and train the brain to identify the objects from those images.

In the same way, we teach and train the computer brain to identify the objects from the captured images and analyze those. Major use-case of computer vision in Manufacturing domain is in Quality Control.

With the help of Computer Vision (Machine Learning + Image Processing), defective parts can be easily identified and removed using automation. With such system, 100% inspection becomes possible without any human efforts.

Let it be any part, once the system is trained to identify the defects, it will detect and remove defective parts in un-manned way.

Welding Inspection

Dimension Measurement :

With the help of specialized cameras and specific solutions, we help shop-floors to measure Critical to Quality dimensions automatically with high precision and accuracy. It is not just the measurement but it is also taking the decisions based on artificial intelligence to reject\accept the part based on the measurement result.

Dimension Measurement

Data Analytics :

Companies have Compiled Huge Data from Customers, Vendors, Suppliers, Users Over the years. This data makes sense when used with some Analytics Intelligence. With right tools and some expertise in Data Science, this Compiled data will help most organizations to leverage the opportunities.

We provide customized solutions to predict the required critical parameters for our customers so that they can take informed decisions based on the available information – well in time. Let it be any assembly-line, any DC Motor of any machine\tool, any raw material, any department, our experienced team is capable of analyzing the data, providing you the insights and predict the future for your early actions.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) :

To have the better control over the value stream, one need to have visibility of the value stream. And to have the visibility of the value stream one needs to have real-time and accurate information.

We make this possible with the cutting edge technologies in hardware and software. Real-time monitoring of Man, Machine, Material and Methods using specific sensors, capturing real time data and sending it to a centralized application, analyzing the data to produce needed information, insights, indicators and even providing the recommendations using AI and ML – This is where we work in with our clients to increase the visibility. In a way this is cycle of the data from physical to digital, digital to digital, and then digital to physical. But this happens real-time.

With our plug n play IIoT solutions; users can have control over value stream – anytime and anywhere.

IIoT - Smart Machines

Computer Vision for Quality Inspection :

Inspect your 100% production in un-manned way using our solutions

Data Analytics :

Predict the future based on data with our solutions

Industrial Internet of Things :

Increase the shop-floor visibility including Man, Machine, Material and Methods with the plug n play devices