IoT (Internet of Things) Based Soil Nutrient Detection Machines / Equipments / Devices

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Solutions Provider of IoT (Internet of Things) Based Soil Nutrient Detection Machines / Equipments / Devices from Pune Maharashtra India.

Farming is the backbone of the Indian economy. Farmers face many problems like quality of the soil, lack of guidance in selection of fertilizers, type of water to supply to the farm based on soil type etc. Choice of the crop majorly depends upon the nutrients that the soil carries. To ensure maximum yield and the best quality of the produce, farmers must have a good idea of what nutrients are being carried by the soil. It's done using a soil testing which is conventionally done by taking a soil sample and submitting it to a private or a government approved soil testing lab. These labs charge a considerable amount of money and time to generate and share these reports. Further, the authenticity of these reports remains unchallenged. Thus, ITPL is offering an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) handy device which is based on multiple technologies like FDR based sensors, Wi-Fi and BLE based communication channels and mobile app for verification of the reading. This solution provides the results with 8 key nutrient values within an exceptional time of about 10 seconds. Further, this test can be easily carried out on the field itself directly. Reports of the soil nutrients can be pushed to a server further for Data Analytics or it can also be added to a PDF file as a report.