ML (Machine Vision) / CV (Computer / Camera Vision) Based Industrial Inspection / Detection Of Parts

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Solutions Provider of ML (Machine Vision) / CV (Computer / Camera Vision) Based Industrial Inspection / Detection Of Parts / Objects / Tools / Welding Joints / Dents / Scratches / Rust / Foreign Particles / Crack / Deformity (Deformities) / Center To Center Distance / Logo / Text / Image Orientation from Pune Maharashtra India.

Quality assurance is a key process which is a mandatory operation / process in every industry. Ensuring the quality of the products against global standards or customer specific standards is crucial for every industry. ITPL offers best solutions in performing quality inspections over parts / objects / tools / welding joints / dents / scratches / rust / foreign particles / crack / Deformity (Deformities), finding center to center distance between circles / objects detect presence or obscene of / logo / text / image, check orientation of image, convert image to text / solution / solutions using Computer Vision, Camera (CV) and Machine Vision / ML (Machine Learning). Using a variety of hardware ranging from very basic to advanced hardware and cutting edge high performance softwares, using it in a very controlled and suitable environment and using correct programming methodologies and data analysis algorithms it becomes possible to find the presence or absence of some property / some object / some attribute / attributes in the target object. The accuracy in terms of dimensions can be achieved upto 1 micron using this system / solution. The response time of the system as compared to a manual process output is just a few seconds.