IoT (Internet of Things) Based Energy Monitoring Machines / Equipments / Devices

It's an IoT (Internet of Things) solution that measures the energy being utilized by the instruments that work on electricity. It's Ideal for industrial machines for remotely monitoring the working time of the machine. It helps effective utilization of the machine by providing working time against cumulative ON time. It's ensured the use of appropriate energy levels for the process. It also helps in monitoring critical to quality process parameters. it requires minimal setup & minimal alterations in the machine. It provides real-time data. It has an OTA upgrade support for the firmware. It's Equipped with rugged industry grade sensors. Dynamic software support for real-time data visualization. This solution is effectively helping in making any factory a digital factory by bringing digital transformation in the data capturing methodologies

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Based Manpower / Trolley Tracking Machines / Equipments / Devices

Companies run on the humans that are supposed to do their duties to achieve production targets within the timelines. Manpower tracking is an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution that enables supervisors to monitor the effective utilization of the manpower allocated to a particular station. Stations are assigned to a dedicated job/part during a timeframe. Thus, alternatively companies can check the effective utilization of the manpower deployed for a particular job or a part. The main aim of the solution is not to monitor the people rather monitor the cost being spent on a job so as to take corrective steps to optimize it. The similar solution applies to monitoring the trolleys that are used for carrying the heavy and large parts from one shop to another. So similar solutions can be effectively utilized for tracking the trolleys that are inside or outside a shop. Trolley tracking is also meant to generate an alert in the recipient shops for arrival of the material of a particular job for its next operation. Solution is based on a combination of more than one technologies like Wi-Fi, BLE and UWB. The combination makes it more reliable and foolproof.

IoT (Internet of Things) Based Objects / Parts / Strokes Counter Machines / Equipments / Devices

Automated counting of parts coming out of the machine is now possible using the counter device solution. This IoT (Internet of Things) based solution can be equipped with any type of sensor that identifies the arrival or a departure of a target object using its physical properties. The data generated from this IoT (Internet of Things) device is directly pushed to different database servers for data visualization and analytics. This is a plug and play device and does not require any kind of expertise to fit or configure it. The sensors used with this device are capable of counting about 500 strokes per minute which can be further increased with the use of advanced sensors. Counter devices also have a dedicated screen for displaying key information. The device is ideally used for counting parts coming over the conveyor, Ok Not Ok and rework parts, strokes made by the machines, rotation count of a wheel etc.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)& ML (Machine Learning) Based Computer Vision Solutions For Parts / Objects / Jobs Quality Inspection

Quality inspection is the key process of every manufacturing business and some of the most critical inspections can be made rapidly only using camera vision inspection. ITPL offers this Solution based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to teach the system with a good part for all inspection checkpoints and later provide newly manufactured parts to the system for inspection for same checkpoints. This solution is achieved using fixtures till now where in a customized box is designed as per a parts size, shape and dimensions. Light is spread from the surface opposite the inspection area so as to acquire a negative image of the part. Where surface inspection is required, the light is spread over the surface in such a way that its reflections don't affect the vision of the camera and camera can capture the desired patterns.

IoT (Internet of Things) Based Multipurpose Pick-To-Light Solutions For Searching Parts / Objects / Tools / Consumables from Stores / Shelves / Racks / Storage / Stock / Boxes

Pick-To-Light is a unique solution that enables users to save on their time while finding required objects, things etc. Consider a guy at a medical shop who has to find 10 different and rare medicines from different shelves and drawers at a peak time where the counter is full of customers. Usually an experienced person would also take at least 5-10 minutes to find all the medicines required. Here Pick-To-Light helps the users where they can easily find the required items by putting the names in the search field or scanning the QR code consisting of the name of the item, the system shall search for the name of the items and shall glow the light at the corresponding drawer or the shelf. This solution is also helpful in the stores department of a manufacturing company where finding a required part from large size racks is the job of only an experienced person. Using this IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) based solution one can also identify the child components required for an assembly by simply searching the assembly.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Based Text Extraction / Information Extraction Tools For Office / Shop Floor Operations Automation

Label reader is a solution based on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) methodology which is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). Using this solution one can scan the labels using a simple camera and capture & store its data in the text format in the databases. It makes the process of checking the incoming or outgoing boxes or items and storing the data without any explicit and manual operation being carried out by a user or person. An extension of this solution is also a game changer in the office automation process where many activities where-in reading the documents and capturing the crucial data from those documents. This process is called RPA ( Robotic Process Automation) where the data captured using OCR is used for making a decision for the next operation or selection of the next operation itself. Capturing desired data or the crucial parameters from a document for further processing becomes possible using this solution

Machine Vision / CV (Computer / Camera Vision) Based Industrial Inspection / Detection Of Parts

Quality assurance is a key process which is a mandatory operation / process in every industry. Ensuring the quality of the products against global standards or customer specific standards is crucial for every industry. ITPL offers best solutions in performing quality inspections over parts / objects / tools / welding joints / dents / scratches / rust / foreign particles / crack / Deformity (Deformities), finding center to center distance between circles / objects detect presence or obscene of / logo / text / image, check orientation of image, convert image to text / solution / solutions using Computer Vision, Camera (CV) and Machine Vision / ML (Machine Learning). Using a variety of hardware ranging from very basic to advanced hardware and cutting edge high performance softwares, using it in a very controlled and suitable environment and using correct programming methodologies and data analysis algorithms it becomes possible to find the presence or absence of some property / some object / some attribute / attributes in the target object. The accuracy in terms of dimensions can be achieved upto 1 micron using this system / solution. The response time of the system as compared to a manual process output is just a few seconds.

IoT (Internet of Things) Based Soil Nutrient Detection Machines / Equipments / Devices

Farming is the backbone of the Indian economy. Farmers face many problems like quality of the soil, lack of guidance in selection of fertilizers, type of water to supply to the farm based on soil type etc. Choice of the crop majorly depends upon the nutrients that the soil carries. To ensure maximum yield and the best quality of the produce, farmers must have a good idea of what nutrients are being carried by the soil. It's done using a soil testing which is conventionally done by taking a soil sample and submitting it to a private or a government approved soil testing lab. These labs charge a considerable amount of money and time to generate and share these reports. Further, the authenticity of these reports remains unchallenged. Thus, ITPL is offering an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) handy device which is based on multiple technologies like FDR based sensors, Wi-Fi and BLE based communication channels and mobile app for verification of the reading. This solution provides the results with 8 key nutrient values within an exceptional time of about 10 seconds. Further, this test can be easily carried out on the field itself directly. Reports of the soil nutrients can be pushed to a server further for Data Analytics or it can also be added to a PDF file as a report.