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Smart Agriculture Solutions

Like connected \ smart factories we target for connected\smart farming. We aim to connect the entire eco system of farming to help farmers increase the yield, productivity and nutrient value of the soil and crop. We provide solutions like smart soil testing, water testing, crop disease detection, air quality monitoring. We help farmers take informed decisions based on real time and accurate data related to soil nutrients, crop diseases and weather.

Availability of the data - real time and accurate - if the most important factor in connected farming. We enable farmers with our IoT, Computer Vision, Data analytics, AI and ML based solutions to have real time and accurate data and take preventive\corrective actions.

Our expert panel of Soil Scientists, Agronomists and Micro-Biologists can identify the exact need\pain area where these cutting edge technologies can be used to provide smart solutions and our expert team of software developers and IOT engineers can convert these into actual implementable solutions\products.

At present soil testing, crop testing, weather report takes time. Soil testing process is very time consuming and tedious. Because of this farmers tend to avoid these and farming is done based on experience and gut-fill. But because of this, fertility of the soil deteriorates and it impacts the crop nutrient value.

We at ITPL strive to come up with simple yet smart solutions to overcome these real-life problems with the help of technology and domain knowledge.

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Smart \ Connected Factories

With Industry 4.0 and 4th Industrial Revolution now many manufacturing shop-floors are becoming smart. But it does not mean that the entire company is smart because the back-office is still following legacy processes.

We at ITPL automate back office processes along with shopfloor to have a smart\connected factory in real sense.

We monitor all 4 Ms of the shopfloor (Man, Machine, Material, Method) using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) alongwith the automated backend processes using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - and all this data is available at the finger-tip of the user - any time and any where.


    Some of the solutions are

  • Shopfloor monitoring - Machine performance, Material performance, production statistics, quality inspection
  • Quality Inspection using Camera Viion - Automated visual inspetion and dimension measurement with required accuracy
  • Furnace Monitoring - Monitoring coolant, gas, temperature variations, flame
  • Counters - Counting strokes, parts produced, ejected parts, reworked parts, machine idle time, machine down time, setup time, production time
  • Data Analytics and Predictions - Predicting kep parameters for near future using data analytics tools and techniques

IOT - Connected Factory